It is an excellent investment and the first solution of this type in Poland. Thanks to an easy assembly, it is ideal for quick and simple increase of efficiency of parking spaces.

It is characterized by a long lifetime until the required major overhaul (15-20 years), short assembly time (5 days) and the possibility of relocation. The structure may be used as an advertising media or may be aesthetically enclosed. The possibility of glazing the part of the parking ensures full visibility of the mechanism of the parking and allows the company to stand out among others. The system is economical and does not consume large amounts of energy. On the one hand Smart Parking offers additional parking spaces, on the other hand it presents the company as a modern business partner that willingly invests in innovative solutions, which may draw attention of potential customers.

Smart Parking:

  • Steel structure from 8m to 7.2m high covering an area of approximately 33m2 and composed of carrier pallets
  • Engine driven mechanism of power of 5.5 to 15 Kw by means of chain transmission
  • Bidirectional system rotation guarantee the optimization of vehicle collection process
  • System able to operate in a wide temperature range (from -40ºC to +45ºC)
  • System emits sounds of low volume 60 ~ 75 dB, thanks to which it is totally safe for people
  • Parking is fitted with an extensive security system which helps to easily and efficiently park cars and prevents their fall or damage, e.g. optical sensors, warning lights, emergency stop etc.
  • Dimensions of pallets in Smart system are optimal and make it possible to park a wide range of cars
  • Permissible load of a pallet from 2.15t to 2.4t
  • This system is so easy to use that it does not require an operator

How to park a vehicle

In order to park the car, the driver must be place it on the bottom parking pallet which moves and transports the vehicle to higher levels and, at the same time, vacates the space for another car. In order to collect the car, the driver should enter a memorized PIN code; it will automatically start the system and make it possible for him/her to leave the parking.

Smart Parking is functional

Easy operation – in order to parka and pick up the car, the driver needs only enter any four-digit PIN code.
Quick installation – installation time of the Smart Parking on investment’s area is 5 days.
Long lifetime – thanks to the use of robust and proven materials, the lifespan for the overhaul is from 15 to 20 years.
Possible relocation – according to the needs of the investor, the automatic parking can be transferred in any place and install on the previously prepared foundation.
Low noise and vibration – Smart Parking can be located close to residential and office buildings, because it does not disturb the peace of residents and workers.
Simple process of technical inspections – the structure and mechanism of action of the automatic parking is so simple that the process of technical inspections is carried out quickly and efficiently.

Smart Parking is a good investment

The price of a single parking space in the SMART system can be lower by up to 50% in comparison to the price of building an underground parking space.

THOUGHTFUL INVESTMENT. Installation of the Smart Parking in scarce car park locations, which are the bane of drivers, is a guarantee of success and big profits.

Smart Parking is a SELF-FINANCED project. The introduction of parking charges allows for a return of the investment even within a few years.

MORE COMMERCIAL INVESTMENTS in city centers. The use of Smart Parking is a possibility to changes the allocation of huge squares from car parks to new investments.

INNOVATIVE PARKING WITH THE MODERN ADVERTISEMENT. Installation of the LCD screen, LED display or backlit large format advertisements is a guaranteed profit, faster return on the investment and the increase of interest among customers.

Smart Parking is safe

Smart Parking has optical sensors at the entry, warning light, emergency stop switch and safety device against falls from height. The automatic parking is appropriately designed in order to ensure the maximum security for users and their vehicles.
Thanks to the use of Smart Parking, you do not have to worry about thieves and trials of your car’s devastation. Unauthorized persons do not have an access to your car.
A simple way of parking causes that the possibility of accidental collisions and scrapes of car in the automatic parking was reduced to a minimum.
Smart Parking is environmentally friendly. Lack of necessity to search for parking spaces entails lower emission of harmful gases.
The confirmation of the application of the highest standards during the design of the car park is European standards: Certificate of CE Conformity (SM-L series) M8A 10 0260033002, TÜV, Germany. Certificate of CE Conformity (SM-SU series) M8A 10 0260033004, TÜV, Germany.
We provide a warranty combined with the full service for each parking.