It is an automated multi-storey elevated mount system making it possible to double or treble the capacity of a garage depending on its height. The main advantage of this system is a larger number of entries compared with other parking systems, which increases parking efficiency and makes it a perfect solution for large format parking. All Grand-type equipment may be designed as underground or ground-level equipment. The principle of operation of this system is similar to automated high-bay warehouses.

Grand Parking:

  • Advanced steel structure of height of several levels adjusted to the available space and “tailor-made”
  • Engine driven mechanism of power of 22 ~ 30Kw
  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of a chain transmission in a special communication tunnel
  • Very short time of waiting for a vehicle 90 ~ 110 seconds
  • System able to operate in a wide temperature range (from -25ºC to +45ºC)
  • Maximum load of a pallet from 2.15t to 2.4t
  • Special safety sensors
  • Garage room is available only for maintenance services

How to park a car

The driver may park the car by bringing it to the entrance room by means of a magnetic card. The car is placed on the pallet and, then, transported to the underground or ground-level part by means of the lift moving horizontally and synchronized with transport carriages moving vertically. In order to collect the car, the magnetic cad should be placed in front of the reader, which will automatically bring the car and make it possible for the driver to collect the car.


Grand Parking is safe, economical and environmentally friendly

Space saving – optimal use of spaces for urban investments and commercial projects.
Car safety – protection against damage and theft of the vehicle provides no access of unauthorized persons to the parking.
Safety of users – the automatic parking system ensures safe and efficient placement of the vehicle in the garage, and the lack of access for drivers eliminates the possibility of collision situation.
No exhaust emissions – reducing the release of harmful gases, in particular CO2 and the reduction of costs connected with ventilation.
Low noise level (60 ~ 75 dB) – this parking can be used near residential, commercial and office buildings.
Lack of access infrastructure – the reduction of construction costs connected with lighting and lifts.
Advantages – the driver saves time, does not drive to the garage and the car reception is easy and comfortable.