Automated Parking Systems

Trying to meet customer’s needs, WIROMET S.A. decided to extend the range of offered products. Wanting to combine innovation, functionality and economy, the company started the production of automated parking systems and offers the possibility of optimum use of surfaces thanks to the application of Smart, Ace and Grand type parking systems.

Thanks to the reliability, durability and practicality of these solutions, there are implemented over 550 projects all over the world. Europe as well as Poland also start to see the need for changes in the parking space policy and, therefore, they demand new investment in smart solutions. WIROMET as the first company in Poland implemented the project “Smart Parking”, that is a multi-level automated parking located next to the company’s office as the symbol of innovation and openness.

Neat design allows to save space, thus, eliminating growing demand for parking space. The design of the product is based on a multi-storey platform allowing to move cars between levels by means of a special lift. Automated parking may successfully become a competition for and replace an expensive underground parking. The European market show great interest in this solution as our customers more and more often thinks about the automation of buildings and saving on the already expensive ground.

The role of WIROMET S.A. is not limited to the manufacturing and sale of parking systems. We are offering complex service, such as assembly, maintenance and professional consulting.

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