grand-parking-grafikaFully automated multi-storey tower system for parking from 18 to 60 cars. This system is ideal for densely built-up areas with a small number of parking spaces and little possibility of manoeuvring.

Ace Parking allows for optimum use of available space thanks to its specific tower structure It may be integrated into an existing building or designed as a freestanding tower. It is possible to adapt a garage to existing conditions and install an underground, ground- level or underground and ground-level parking. A revolving platform is used in conditions of limited manoeuvring space at the entrance to and exit from a transfer station, which facilitates the use of the parking. The system carries out the entire process of parking automatically and makes it possible for a driver to leave his/her safely inside.

Ace Parking:

  • “Tailored-made” steel structure of height adjusted to the Customer’s requirements and expectations covering an area of approximately 46m2
  • Engine driven mechanism of power of 30 – 37 Kw
  • Vehicles are transported vertically by means of a lift mounted on steel lines and horizontally by means of chain transmission
  • Very short time of waiting for a vehicle – from several seconds to 1 minute
  • Safety system makes it impossible to damage cars when manoeuvring thanks to the operation of optical sensors, warning and guiding lights and mirrors which make it easy to park a car properly
  • Maximum load of a pallet from 2.15t to 2.4t
  • This system require operation
  • Garage room is available only for maintenance services, lack of possibility of presence of third parties

Ace Parking is the functionality, safety and comfort

After placing a vehicle in the garage, the gate is closed and a turntable changes the position of a car by 180º. The lift automatically transports the vehicle in a vertical communication channel to the target level and leaves it to the desired location. After this action, the lift takes a free pallet and goes with it to the garage in order to wait for another car.
The process is fully automated and controlled by the computer. The driver only needs to confirm that the vehicle is properly parked. Each vehicle has an individually assigned PIN code. Thanks to this code, the driver can parka and then pick up his vehicle.
Unlike in traditional parking, the driver does not lose precious time for searching a free parking space. Access to a car is fast and comfortable thanks to a spacious entry, which helps the driver to smoothly put the car on a pallet via parking sensors.
Thanks to the use of a rotating internal platform, the problem of maneuvering the car in a small area was eliminated. Entry and exit from the parking is forward, so these actions are safe and comfortable for the driver.